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Vincent Dutton

Hi I`m just a regular kind-of weird teen. Llamas yeah.


i have limited sympathy for people who get told “no” after a public proposal because public proposals are pretty much emotionally abusive

like seriously

if you think it’s kinda cute, you can discuss it beforehand and then do a staged one later

but putting someone on the spot in front of a crowd of strangers (or worse, friends) and demanding they give you a yes or no answer to a complex question which will affect the rest of their life is

really not okay

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"Perfect teeth might be nice, but if they’re in a mouth thats mean, they might as well not be in the mouth at all"
Timmy Turner’s Mom (via softwaring)

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Anonymous: I'm 5'6" I have brown hair brown eyes. I'm tan. I love adventures and traveling. I sometimes get clingy and I can't help it. My perfect date would be a walk on the beach and then sit and watch the sunset then watch the stars. Cradled up next to you.

Sounds perf. I’d date.

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Beach days


i hate it when people call me funny because I feel like I have to say something really funny again and I just can’t handle that pressure

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"The person you think of when you stand in front of the ocean."
Colleen Michele  (via awelltraveledwoman)

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Reblog if you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender or a supporter.

This should be reblogged by everyone. Even if you’re straight, you should be a supporter.

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i wish i can just read good novels, watch great movies, listen to my favorite songs, travel, see beautiful things, eat whenever im hungry and sleep when im tired but no no, i have to go to school, graduate, find a job and struggle. 

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Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you.

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